Google Could Owe Italian Government $250M Or More

The Italian government estimated that Google's revenues in the country were 10 times higher than reported in 2014.

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Italian authorities believe that Google evaded hundreds of millions in taxes owed to the government in recent years.

Officials believe that Google did not declare millions in royalties and that additional company revenue between 2009 and 2013 should have fallen into a higher corporate tax bracket, according to Reuters.

The price tag could reach north of $250 million — and could rise further with interest or punitive damages.

The Italian government also estimated that Google's revenues in the country were 10 times higher than the 54.4 million euros reported in 2014.

Law enforcement officials were reportedly preparing to issue their findings to the tech giant on Thursday.

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Google responded that it complies with the laws of every nation in which it conducts business and said that it was cooperating with authorities.

The reports come one week after Google agreed to pay the U.K. about $185 million in owed taxes for the previous 10 years.

Google's regional headquarters is in Dublin, which allows the company to take advantage of Ireland's low corporate taxes. European Union officials, however, plan to crack down on corporate efforts to reduce tax bills.

"The days are numbered for companies that avoid tax at expense of others," European Commission member Pierre Moscovici told CNN.

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