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MTI Systems Celebrates 30 Years Of Cost Estimating For Manufacturing

MTI Systems Inc. has seen its flagship product, Costimator, implemented by over 1,400 companies in 22 countries since 1982.

W. SPRINGFIELD, MA — 2012 marks the 30th year of operation for MTI Systems Inc., ( the leading provider of innovative cost estimating software solutions for manufacturing. The company’s flagship product, Costimator, has been implemented by over 1,400 companies in 22 countries since 1982.

Founded in 1982 as Manufacturers Technologies, the software company pioneered the development of a PC-based cost-estimating program and quickly became known for its “Costimator®” Computer-Aided Cost Estimating System. The comprehensive database inside Costimator includes manufacturing process cost models, material specifications, machine handing and labor standards which help users increase estimating speed, accuracy and consistency, while boosting efficiency and profits.

Costimator provides part suppliers with a fast, accurate, and consistent method to estimate cycle times and costs for quoting and process planning purposes; enabling estimators and engineers to bid with confidence and optimize their ability to win more profitable contracts.

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) further utilize the core knowledgebase, from within the Costimator system, to identify and understand the cost drivers in the parts they design, manufacture and procure. By breaking down and quantifying the true costs of manufactured parts and assemblies, Costimator allows companies to implement uniform and predictable costing strategies while reducing cost throughout the product lifecycle. The estimating software enables procurement teams to determine the actual cost of manufacturing parts, proven to help reduce costs by as much as 50%.

A Should Cost Estimating Service (SES) was formed in 2006 by MTI Systems, to help meet the ever-increasing demand for outsourced manufactured parts and cost engineering services by OEMs.

Estimators and engineers, at MTI Systems, utilize their extensive estimating expertise and the Costimator software, to provide detailed part cost analysis. This combination helps to identify and implement cost reduction opportunities and strategies throughout the product development lifecycle.  

Today, with thousands of users worldwide, the cost estimating tool is utilized by many Fortune 500 companies helping to increase their manufacturability and competitiveness. Companies of all sizes, use Costimator, to help them manufacture and produce parts and products in nearly every industry sector, including aerospace, electronics, automotive, heavy equipment, medical and consumer products.

"30 solid years of helping estimators produce fast and consistently accurate estimates and we are proud of our long-standing history," remarks Mr. Tom Charkiewicz, founder and CEO of MTI Systems.  “Software technology continues to advance which affords us great opportunities in developing new products and services to meet not just today’s ever-increasing need for effective cost reduction strategies but the for the future, as well!”

MTI Systems, Inc. is a world-leader in the development of innovative cost-estimating software and consulting services, providing competitive-edge solutions for manufacturing. For more information contact Mr. David LaJoie at MTI Systems, 59 Interstate Drive, West Springfield, MA 01089, 413-693-0617, Fax 413-739-7250, [email protected] or visit

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