German Wholesale Prices Fall 8.1 Percent

FRANKFURT (AP) -- German wholesale prices fell a sharp 8.1 percent on the year in September, according to official data released Monday, suggesting inflationary pressures in Europe's largest economy remain weak.

The Federal Statistical Office also said wholesale prices -- the cost of raw materials and equipment that producers buy -- were down 0.2 percent compared with the previous month.

Prices of ores, metals and metal components were down nearly 31 percent on the year in September, while fuels were nearly 20 percent cheaper, the office said.

Grain, seed and feed prices were 28 percent lower, while dairy products, edible oils and fats were 11 percent cheaper.

Government data already have shown that German consumer prices were down 0.3 percent on the year in September -- the second time that they have dropped into negative territory in 2009.

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