General Motors Wants More Global Alliances

DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors Co. will pursue more global alliances with other companies, according to a memo sent to employees.

The company has set up a corporate planning and alliances group headed by Group Vice President John Smith.

"Alliances are an important market access strategy for General Motors already, and more activity of this type can be anticipated, which makes for a good fit," said the memo, posted by the automotive Web site

GM spokeswoman Geri Lama on Monday confirmed that the memo is authentic.

GM already has alliances worldwide including those with Chrysler Group LLC and BMW AG to build hybrid gas-electric engines for larger vehicles. Alliances generally spread out research and development costs, making new technology cheaper.

Seven executives and some of their staffs will report to Smith. The new group will help the company's executive committee in problem solving as well as business planning and long-term strategy development, the memo says.

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