Survey: CEOs Agree They're Overpaid survey finds two-thirds of CEOs agree with public outcry over skyrocketing CEO compensation.

SAN FRANCISCO β€” According to a survey, two-thirds of CEOs agree with public outcry over skyrocketing CEO compensation.
More than 1,500 respondents participated in the survey.
The survey also found that while 64 percent of CEOs describe themselves as "engaged," only 35 percent of employees feel that good ideas successfully bubble up through the organization to the attention of the CEOs.
Both CEOs and employees agree on the issues of CEO salaries, but they have a different perception of management ability. Fifty percent of executives say their leadership style is effective, but only one-third of employees agree.
"The data clearly shows that today's executives lack the 'soft skills' to inspire their employees, appear compassionate or communicate effectively. They also are seen as inaccessible and unapproachable," said Stephen Howard-Sarin, editorial director, BNET. "This should be a slap in the face for executives β€” investing some energy into improving even just their communication skills could pay huge dividends."
Additional findings include:
  • Despite current perceptions, only 24.8 percent of employees say that CEOs "tend to be unethical"
  • 70 percent of executives are satisfied with their performance, but only 45 percent of employees say their leaders are doing a good job
  • 77 percent of employees say that CEOs are overpaid and 64 percent of top executives agree
  • Most executives say that they most value integrity when evaluating their employees, but only 27 percent of employees agree.

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