Maine Company Sells Three Olives Vodka

White Rock Distilleries' CEO says sale of popular beverage line to New York-based Proximo Spirits will improve his company's financial health.

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — White Rock Distilleries of Lewiston, Maine, has sold its popular Three Olives Vodka line to New York-based Proximo Spirits for an undisclosed price.
White Rock president and CEO Paul Coulombe said the sale will improve his company's financial health and ensure the stability of the work force.
Since White Rock launched the brand in 1999, sales of Three Olives have soared from less than 50,000 cases a year to more than 600,000 cases last year. More than half the sales were of the 13 varieties of flavored vodkas.
Three Olives, distilled in England and bottled in Lewiston, accounted for about 25 percent of White Rock's sales. The company, which has about 130 other brands of alcoholic beverages, will continue bottling Three Olives for at least the next two years.
Proximo Spirits distributes Jose Cuervo, among other brands.
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