Japan's Vehicle Exports At 20-Year High

Vehicle exports in the April-September period grew 6.8 percent due to a surge in exports to Russia and the Middle East.

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Japanese vehicle exports in the April-September period grew 6.8 percent from a year earlier to 3,134,676 units, the highest level in 20 years for the first half of a fiscal year, an industry body said Wednesday.
The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association attributed the rise, the fourth straight yearly gain for the six-month period, to surging exports mainly to Russia and the Middle East.
Exports to the United States, however, fell for the first time in four years as demand was dampened by subprime loan woes.
The value of exports including automotive components jumped 10.0 percent to $71.82 billion.
By type of vehicle, shipments of passenger cars rose 6.7 percent to 2,777,835 units, those of trucks turned up 5.4 percent to 300,533 vehicles, and the number of buses shipped abroad jumped 21.0 percent to 56,308 units.
For September alone, total unit exports jumped 9.2 percent year on year to 580,666 vehicles, an increase for the 26th month in a row.
Their value climbed 9.9 percent to $13.26 billion.
Exports of passenger cars leapt 9.0 percent to 511,568 units and those of trucks went up 3.9 percent to 56,115 units. The figure for buses grew 50.8 percent to 12,983 vehicles.
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