FreightCar Wants Pa. Union To Help Cut Costs

Railroad car manufacturer wants to talk with Johnstown union about reducing labor costs; says current costs and industry downturn could force facility to close.

CHICAGO (AP) — Railroad car manufacturer FreightCar America Inc. said Thursday it wants to open discussions with the union at its Johnstown, Pa., facility about trying to reduce labor costs.
The company previously told the union that if it was unable to reduce costs at the site, current labor costs and a downturn in the industry might force the company to close the site.
''The best way for the union and employees at the Johnstown facility to secure the future is to work under a collective bargaining agreement that provides for competitive wages, work rules, and benefits that are appropriate in today's marketplace,'' Tom McCarthy, FreightCar America senior vice president of human resources, said in a statement.
Shares of FreightCar America rose 5 cents to $39.87 in after-hours trading. They closed at $39.82 in the regular session.
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