Good Things Will Come To Those Who Wait For ROI On RFID

Research from Manufacturing Insights predicts more reliance on RFID in the future, more combinations of Lean, Six Sigma and SCOR.

Patience is a virtue for manufacturers when Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is concerned, as they will see the return from their investments, according to Manufacturing Insights' Worldwide Manufacturing Top 10 Predictions report.

Although tag prices have gone down and there have been improvements in the technology, few companies have moved past the pilot stage, the report notes.

“There is little doubt that in 2007, and beyond, companies will find the need to improve their ability to capture data in a more timely, accurate and complete way,” said Bob Parker, Vice President of Research for Manufacturing Insights. “This requirement will dictate the development of a data acquisition platform that will incorporate many technologies, from bar codes to sensors to RFID tags.”

The research showed that smaller providers who specialize in a single RFID technology will face problems in the long term.

“We expect these small technology providers to position themselves for acquisition, which will be the only alternative to failure,” Parker said.

The report also found that Lean, Six Sigma and SCOR mergers will accelerate, as the weaknesses of each are allayed by the strengths of the other two. It also forecasts China’s economy to continue to “overheat.” 

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