Manufacturing Gets An Efficiency Boost

Minneapolis, Minn. —  Small- to mid-sized manufacturing operations across the U.S. get an efficiency boost today with the launch by KeyedIn™ Solutions of KeyedIn Manufacturing, a 100 percent Cloud-based application designed specifically for the manufacturing sector.

KeyedIn Manufacturing provides immediate visibility to all processes. Available at any time on any device, it provides full integration from lead to shipment, streamlining back office operations and delivering immediate cost savings and production efficiencies. 

Karen Adame, Chief Product Officer at KeyedIn Solutions, says:  “From a shop floor employee up through senior management, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides an integrated process to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.  Those on the shop floor can see what is coming down the pipe, and plan accordingly, while the sales team can verify with the customer when their shipment will be available, based on up-to-date knowledge of actual working schedules.  With a single solution, senior management has access to all company activity and can better manage costs.”

KeyedIn Manufacturing is the latest addition to the KeyedIn portfolio of products which has taken the company from launch to more than 28,000 users and 19 global offices in a little over a year.  Its focus on SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions has gained rapid acceptance within the small- and mid-sized business market because they don’t require either upfront capital investment or on-premise IT support.  Analysts predict that over the next three years, SaaS will grow nearly five times faster than traditional software installations.

New technology developed by KeyedIn has enabled the development of levels of customization and functionality previously unavailable to the smaller enterprise.  KeyedIn Manufacturing provides a visual view of the shop floor which allows managers full visibility into the schedule and control of processes.  It also integrates with QuickBooks and other applications to provide a seamless view of financial information.

The easy-to-use interface and ‘per user’ cost means that businesses with as few as two people can benefit from state-of-the-art technology.  KeyedIn expects the typical user to be a small- to mid-sized and niche manufacturing operation.

About KeyedIn™ Solutions

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