Enterprise Applications For UDI Requirements

QAD Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software and services, has announced the enhanced traceability framework in QAD Enterprise Applications supports evolving regulatory requirements for Unique Device Identification (UDI). Manufacturers in the Life Sciences rely on QAD Enterprise Applications to optimize quality control throughout their manufacturing and distribution processes.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. โ€“ QAD Inc. (NASDAQ:QADA) (NASDAQ:QADB), a leading provider of enterprise software and services, has announced the enhanced traceability framework in QAD Enterprise Applications supports evolving regulatory requirements for Unique Device Identification (UDI). Manufacturers in the Life Sciences rely on QAD Enterprise Applications to optimize quality control throughout their manufacturing and distribution processes.

The QAD traceability framework equips medical device customers with the tools to manageproduct integrity across their global healthcare supply chainโ€” from component to product to patient. โ€œQAD customers can accurately track, trace and identify the components and resources โ€“ including the items, parts, machines and labor โ€“ involved in their manufacturing processes,โ€ said Dave Medina, vice president of Life Sciences at QAD. โ€œWith QADโ€™s enhanced traceability framework, medical device makers capture real time data to meet the regulatory requirements of UDI.โ€

QAD Enterprise Applications โ€“ Tailored to Simplify the Burden of Regulatory Compliance

QAD Enterprise Applications supports manufacturers in achieving regulatory compliance and validation against Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). In addition QAD supports the upcoming regulations from the United States Food and Drug Administration AmendmentsAct (FDAAA) for UDI. The law requires manufacturers to label their devices โ€“ products ranging from MRI equipment to orthopedics to lab tests and rubber gloves -- with a unique identifier to track and trace a product by lot or serial number.  

QAD solutions, tailored to simplify the burden of regulatory compliance, allow manufacturers to prepare for similar UDI standards under discussion by the European Commission (EU),the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) and other global agencies.These mandates are all concerned with better managing product traceability, especially post-market safety surveillance, recall management and safety alerts. QAD Enterprise Applications makes it simpler for medical device makers to achieve regulatory compliance and ensure product integrity.

Enhanced Traceability in QAD Enterprise Applications Supports Patient Safety

Patient safety is of critical concern for medical device manufacturers. In the case of an adverse event that leads to a product recall, QAD Enterprise Applications enables customers to efficiently manage and evaluate the effectiveness of a recall. It allows customers to trace a recalled item back to its original manufacturing batch or lot and then forward to locate any potentially affected finished product that is still in inventory or in the supply chain.

Medical device manufacturers are able to better manage quality issues including product complaints, non-conformance reporting (NCRs), audits and CAPAs with QAD Enterprise Applications.

The Effective Enterprise in Life Sciences

โ€œQADโ€™s vision for the Effective Enterprise in Life Sciences is focused on helping our customers manufacture safe and effective healthcare products,โ€ added Medina. โ€œWe augmented the traceability framework in QAD Enterprise Applications to make it simpler for medical device makers to achieve compliance. Our customers are better able to leverage innovation across their operations with QAD Enterprise Applications.โ€

QAD enables life sciences companies to meet the critical quality requirements for manufacturing innovative, safe and effective healthcare products in compliance with global regulatory standards. QAD incorporates intuitive, easy to use, industry best practices that can be flexibly deployed either onsite oron demand to support global life sciences companies.

For more information about QAD Enterprise Applications, please visit: www.qad.com.

About QAD

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