Americans Trust Clorox, Amazon More Than Government

While the pandemic has hurt most businesses, some are getting a big boost to their reputation.


The pandemic has been all bad news for most businesses, but according to a new poll some companies are, at least, getting a big boost to their reputation.

According to the results of the Axios Harris Poll 100, an annual ranking on brand reputation, companies perceived as ones who've “stepped up” amid the pandemic have gained esteem with consumers.

And if there’s a product most identified with the pandemic, it’s quite possibly the Clorox Wipe -- which may be why Clorox settled into the #1 spot on the list for the very first time. Before you ask: Charmin-maker Procter & Gamble ranked #8.

Amazon also made the top five, as did comfort food purveyors Hershey and General Mills.

Grocery stores like Kroger and Costco gained reputation points for staying operational, and the report stressed the importance of critical supplies, calling big business “the ultimate American safety net.”

Harris/Axios also asked survey respondents whether companies were more reliable than the federal government when it came to keeping the country going during the pandemic and 76 percent said yes.

But that wasn’t even the worst performance. According to the poll, the company with the most downward movement from the prior year’s report was Boeing, who dropped a full 65 spots.

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