Bearing Protection Kits

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Two new AEGIS SGR Split-Ring Bearing Protection Kits™ — one for NEMA motors and one for IEC motors — are designed to provide clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers, and other end-bell protrusions while protecting bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents. Kits include the new split-ring version of the SGR Bearing Protection Ring™, which prevents bearing damage by safely channeling shaft currents to ground. Its conductive microfibers provide the path of least resistance to the motor frame and works with virtually no friction or wear. The ring can be installed without disconnecting the motor from coupled equipment. Standard-size kits fit NEMA-frame motors with shaft diameters from 0.625" to 3.375" and IEC-frame motors with shaft diameters from 19 mm to 95 mm.
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