Romania: 55 Tons of Chicken Pulled for Salmonella

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Authorities have ordered stores and markets to recall 55 tons of chicken products in Romania after tests discovered that some were contaminated with salmonella.

There have been no reports of people getting sick.

Vladimir Manastireanu, who heads the National Authority for Veterinary Health and Food Safety, said Wednesday that authorities detected the salmonella in two batches of chicken in the Selgros supermarket chain.

Some of the contaminated chicken originated at the processor Avicola Calarasi, which said Wednesday it was incinerating 3.5 tons of frozen chicken and closing its unit in the town of Calarasi.

Authorities conducted tests between Oct. 30 and Tuesday, and found that contaminated chicken was being sold.

Chicken and pork are the most popular meats in Romania.

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