Candy Thieves Flee Warehouse Empty-Handed

Candy Crate general manager Randi Caporale examines the boarded up window where two men wearing hooded sweatshirts broke the window to gain access inside on Friday, Jan 3, 2014, in Hesperia, Calif. "Nothing was taken. They probably saw the empty cash register and took off when the alarm went," said Caporale. (AP Photo/Daily Press, David Pardo)

HESPERIA, Calif. (AP) — For a pair of thwarted Southern California thieves, taking candy from a well-alarmed warehouse proved a lot harder than taking it from a baby.

Video surveillance captured the would-be candy swipers as they approached Candy Crate's warehouse in Hesperia on Friday. The men broke a window and fled.

The company sells retro sweets like candy cigarettes and Astro Pops.

Candy Crate operations manager Randi Caporale tells the Victorville Daily Press an alarm went off that likely scared away the thieves, and "not even a Blow Pop" was taken.

Caporale says the warehouse is "in the middle of nowhere, so maybe they thought they'd come in and get their candy on."

The facility is open to the public, but the company sells most of its candy online, so little cash is on hand.


Information from: Daily Press,

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