GE (Rochester, N.Y.) has released its industrial internet solution, the MDS Orbit MCR-4G, which is designed to help owners of private networks — such as oil and gas companies — to securely communicate with field crews and industrial equipment, and save time in maintaining the infrastructure. The MCR-4G is an industrial router that takes advantage of public cellular infrastructures to collect data from disparate sources to one operation center. This also allows field crews to access data on the corporate network, which eliminates the need for them to drive back to the office. Additional features include:

  • A design based around the MDS Orbit platform, which provides a highly secure, industrial-grade wireless solution for a variety of applications, including video surveillance.
  • Ethernet and serial interfactes to provide connectivity to both current and previous-generation technologies.
  • A WiFi radio using the 802.11 b/g/n standard, plus a Verizon 4G LTE modem.
  • Robust security features, including AES 128 encryption, plus support for RADIUS and AAA servers.
  • An operating temperature rating of -40 to +70°C, along with a design that makes the router ideal for mission-critical operations in challenging environmental conditions.

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