The new DUOSYS, from Daifuku Webb (Salt Lake City, Utah), is a super-fast mini load AS/RS that acts as a highly-efficient sortation system. Its control technology ensures that two Storage Retrieval Machines (SRM) functioning in the same aisle move past each other without interference to perform storage and retrieval operations. The DUOSYS is laid out in two levels so that four SRMs operate simultaneously on the same rack to produce a maximum storage and retrieval throughput of up to 2,200 cases per hour. Two SRMs operate within each level. Throughput will vary for customers depending upon system configuration.

The DUOSYS is not just an automated storage system, because it also effectively sorts and groups items in less floor space and with fewer personnel than with traditional sorters and other horizontal sorting systems.


  • High throughput — The maximum throughput of up to 2,200 cases per hour is six times higher than a conventional system with the same footprint.
  • Lower power consumption — Because of their lightweight design, DUOSYS SRMs consume less power than older models performing similar tasks. Also, the system controls direct the movements and speed of each SRM in the most efficient manner, requesting that the closest available machine perform a storage or retrieval task at the most optimized speed. Plus the system transfers regenerative power produced by one slowing SRM to the other SRMs.
  • Non-stop operation — DUOSYS supports the independent operations of its four separate SRMs and the concept of zero idle time.
  • High maintainability — The system remains in operation while maintenance is performed on one or more of the SRMs.


  • Maximum throughput speed 2,200 totes or cases per hour
  • Maximum horizontal speed: 350m/min. (1,148 ft./min.)
  • Maximum vertical acceleration rates: 50m/min. (164 ft./min.)
  • Maximum load transfer speed: 1.5 seconds

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