To help customers better track their instruments through the calibration and repair process, InnoCal®introduces a new online report management system. INNOTRAK™ assists customers by enabling them to access their calibration reports at any time online. For those preparing for audits, this takes one more research task off their list. It also eliminates the need for paper records.

The handy system also offers the benefits of searching by information displayed on the instrument, such as asset number, serial number, or bar code. No need to look up or remember service account numbers. For added convenience, customers can choose how the report is displayed or view a summary.

InnoCal customers receive some of the most comprehensive NIST-traceable reports in the industry, designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

InnoCal’s services include: 

New Instrument Calibrations: Purchase a new instrument from Cole-Parmer or Davis Instruments and order calibration at the same time.

Repairs and/or Recalibration Services: Ship an existing instrument of any brand to the InnoCal laboratory for regularly scheduled maintenance and recalibration.

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