This afternoon the State Department announced the decision on approving the Keystone XL pipeline will be delayed until after the 2012 election or perhaps into the first quarter of 2013. This delays the creation of more than 118,000 jobs that would be created as a result of the pipeline.

National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons released this statement below on the decision to delay approval:

“It is unacceptable and outrageous that the Obama Administration has made a decision to prevent 118,000 jobs from being created. The Keystone XL pipeline is a shovel-ready project that must be approved. 

Manufacturers continue to face unprecedented challenges to their competitiveness, and it’s already 20 percent more expensive to manufacture in the U.S. compared to our major trade partners. Keystone XL will provide manufacturers access to an affordable source of energy, which is critically important because manufacturers use one-third of our nation’s energy supply.

We strongly urge the Obama Administration to reverse its decision and approve Keystone XL without delay to put Americans back to work.”