Alstom Planning CO2 Capture Plant

Company working with Germany's E.on AG to build carbon dioxide emissions plant in Sweden.

PARIS (AP) - French engineering company Alstom said Friday it won a development contract with Germany power and gas provider E.on AG to develop a carbon dioxide emissions capture plant in southern Sweden.

''Because CO2 is recognized as the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, development of this technology is an important milestone towards reducing power industry carbon emissions,'' Alstom said in a statement.

The plant, to capture emissions from a power plant at Karlshamn, in the south of Sweden, will use Alstom's chilled ammonia-based technology and is expected to begin operation in 2008. The companies plan to introduce the technology into other Swedish power plants after technical evaluation.

Alstom's chilled ammonia technology uses ammonia to capture CO2 emissions that would normally escape into the atmosphere.

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