Product Update: Lighting Retrofits At Southeast Packaging

Southeast Packaging On The Green Fast Track

This article first appeared in IMPO's July 2013 issue.

Southeast Packaging On The Green Fast TrackSoutheast Packaging has been on the fast track to lead its industry in energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, “green” programs. So when management began investigating ways to improve the efficiency of lighting at its packaging facility in Concord, NC, they turned to OEO’s “BIG LIGHT.”

OEO’s “BIG LIGHT” was their “no-brainer choice” as it is a direct-replacement light for any 400 watt or 250 watt metal halide lights. Because the “BIG LIGHT” works through any 250 watt or 400 watt magnetic ballast operating on any voltage, Southeastern Packaging was able to continue to use their existing ballasts and fixtures while making them significantly more efficient.

Because the OEO “BIG LIGHT” requires no special wiring or fixture retrofit, Southeastern Packaging was able to simply screw in the “BIG LIGHT” to vastly improve light quality, lower their carbon footprint, and immediately lower operating costs and energy consumption by 57 percent. Their total energy savings is estimated at $80,740, while the cost to upgrade was only $37,000 without any down-time. With a payback period of only 5.5 months, Southeastern Packaging’s annualized ROI was greater than 200 percent. Southeastern Packaging was able to simply upgrade 290 lights with one man, on one lift, changing bulbs for approximately 12 hours. Normally, a project of this scope would involve teams of electricians rewiring of fixtures, approximately 120 hours of professional labor costs, and building permit fees.

“It was much easier and much more cost effective than an expensive fixture change which would have required costly labor, scrapping costs related to the removed fixtures, and local building permits,” says Gregg Bryan, maintenance manager.

 Of further benefit, because the OEO “BIG LIGHT” lights instantly provided cost savings, Gregg is planning to install inexpensive motion sensors. It is expected that this will further lower their entire energy consumption up to 90 percent and, in turn, further improve their ROI.

“Southeast Packaging is committed to the responsible use of resources,” says Bryan. “By using the OEO ‘BIG LIGHT,’ we have been able to significantly improve our energy efficiency and light quality in an immediate fashion, while drastically reducing our operating costs and carbon footprint. The implementation cost was minimal when compared to LED, T8, or T5 fixture change though the efficiency was the same or better. As for the ease of transition, it was, literally, as simple as changing a light bulb.”

Project Benefits

 Southeastern Packaging’s upgrade will reduce the amount of energy consumed by 672,000 kWh annually. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that this is the equivalent of reducing the annual green house gas emissions of 87 vehicles. But Bryan noted that savings and being environmentally responsible wasn’t the only benefit realized: “The improvements to our lighting provide a better work environment for our employees. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in spirit and productivity.

 “By simply screwing the OEO ‘BIG LIGHT’ into our existing metal halide fixtures, we have been able to significantly improve our energy efficiency and light quality immediately while lowering our operating costs. My colleagues now half-joke that our facility is ‘too bright’ and that we could eliminate half of our fixtures.”

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