TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said Thursday it is recalling a total of 24,309 minivehicles produced between last May and January due to possible engine stalling during idling or low speeds.

The eK and DAYZ wagon models were jointly developed by Mitsubishi and Nissan Motor Co., and sold under their respective badges from last June.

The automaker said in a report submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that the turbo-charged engines of the vehicles could stall during idling or low speeds due to programming glitches in the engine control computers.

While a total of 66 problems linked to the computer program glitches had been reported by February, none had resulted in an accident.

Meanwhile, Isuzu Motors Ltd. and Hino Motors Ltd. said they had started recalling a combined 822 buses due to concerns that wheels could suddenly lock up at low speeds due to a faulty transmission control device.

Subject to the recalls are 500 Isuzu Erga buses manufactured between June 2009 and January this year and 322 Hino Blue Ribbon II vehicles produced between April 2009 and January this year by their joint venture.

The transport ministry said 48 cases linked to the faulty devices had been reported but none involved an accident.