November manufacturing technology orders up 0.6 percent from October

November U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $437.79 million according to AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTO program, was up 0.6 percent from October and up 20.7 percent when compared with the total of $362.63 million reported for November 2012. With a year-to-date total of $4,399.22 million, 2013 is down 7.7 percent compared with 2012. These numbers and all data in this report are based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the USMTO program.

“With a strong upswing in automotive sales, the PMI at 55 for the month of December, and manufacturing employment continuing to climb, there is no question that the industry headed to the end of 2013 on a very strong note,” said Douglas K. Woods, AMT President. “It’s also noteworthy that from 2010-2012, November had always been a downturn month for manufacturing technology orders. To see month-over-month and year-over-year increases in orders for November 2013 is yet another sign that manufacturing continues its position of economic strength.”

The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) report, compiled by the trade association representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, provides regional and national U.S. orders data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment. Analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.

U.S. manufacturing technology orders are also reported on a regional basis for six geographic breakdowns of the United States.

Northeast Region

Northeast Region manufacturing technology orders in November totaled $71.54 million, up slightly when compared with October’s $71.39 million. The $732.00 million 2013 year-to-date total is up 3.8 percent from the comparable figure for 2012.

Southeast Region

Year-to-date 2013 Southeast Region manufacturing technology orders totaled $400.91 million, down 17.4 percent when compared with 2012 at the same time.

North Central-East Region

Manufacturing technology orders in the North Central-East Region in November totaled $126.60 million, 21.8 percent higher than October’s $103.95 million and up 35.1 percent when compared with November 2012. With a year-to-date total of $1,137.26 million, 2013 is down 7.3 percent when compared with 2012 at the same time.

South Central Region

November South Central Region manufacturing technology orders of $59.61 million were up 3.0 percent from October’s $57.88 million and up 22.6 percent when compared with the total for November 2012. The year-to-date 2013 total of $661.63 million was 17.8 percent less than the comparable figure for 2012.

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members—those who design, build, sell, and service the continuously evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing. Founded in 1902 and based in Virginia, the association specializes in providing targeted business assistance, extensive global support, and business intelligence systems and analysis. AMT is the voice that communicates the importance of policies and programs that encourage research and innovation, and the development of educational initiatives to create tomorrow’s Smartforce. AMT owns and manages IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, which is the premier manufacturing technology event in North America. The USMTO report is compiled by AMT and all data in the report is based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the USMTO program.