Engineering Newswire: Pee-Powered Fuel Cell Generates Electricity

This Engineering Newswire looks at flying high with DARPA’s demonstrator aircraft, slithering through seabeds with a serpentine robot and generating electricity with pee.

Subscale DARPA VTOL X-Plane Takes Flight

DARPA has successfully tested a miniature version if its Vertical Take-off and Landing Experimental Plane, otherwise known as the VTOL X-Plane.

According to the builder, Aurora Flight Sciences, the subscale vehicle demonstrator prototype of the LightningStrike recently completed a series of takeoff, hover, and landing maneuvers at an undisclosed U.S. military base.

Serpentine Robot Makes Seabed Inspections

If you’re not a fan of slithering snakes, then it is time to look away. The Eelume robot was developed to glide through the water like a snake in order to carry out maintenance tasks on the seabed.

The snake-like robot is designed to slither in and around underwater rigs, cleaning, performing visual inspections, and even attaching itself to certain components to adjust valves.

Pee-Powered Fuel Cell Generates Electricity

Researchers at the University of Bath have developed a mini microbial fuel cell that can generate electricity from pee. In the near future, the device could mean generating much needed electricity for remote areas at a very little cost.

Microbial fuel cells are devices that use bacteria to perform reduction/oxidation reactions on organic materials, such as urine. When such reactions occur, electrons are swapped around between molecules, and electricity is produced.

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