SUSS MicroTec Unveils Upgrade For BlueRay Probe System

Upgradeable onsite from semiautomatic to fully-automated system.

SUSS MicroTec Tuesday announced that the BlueRay probe system, a high-throughput wafer prober capable of testing up to 70,000 dies per hour, is now the world’s only prober that can be upgraded from a semiautomatic to a fully-automated probe station in the field.

To meet growing production demands, a unique, wafer-handling robot can be docked onto the BlueRay probe system. Once docked, the robot handles all wafers automatically, and the robot can be removed and docked onto another BlueRay as needed. Docking and undocking is quick and done on site, reducing down time to a minimum, and the test platform can now remain constant from ramp-up to production, which minimizes changeover costs and capital investments.

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