Food Manufacturer Overcomes ERP Limitations: Increased Efficiency Throughout the Manufacturing Process

This case study outlines how a North American deli meat processor with over 50 years of history and over 1,000 employees overcame the challenges of replacing their legacy ERP system.

Radley Traceability is an On-Premise software solution that allows you to collect, track, manage and store unlimited data attributes from throughout your supply chain. Traceability re- cords are easily shared and accessible by drilling down into the database with robust query options and reporting. Designed for easy integrations to machines, EDI, business systems, ERPs and databases inside and outside the four walls; we provide real-time visibility with instant traceability. Configurable to your manufacturing type and unique pro- cess; we support multiple industries around the world. Meets requirements for multiple industries Stand-Alone, Hybrid or integrate to ERP Collect data by RFID, barcode scanning, machine integrations & more Data management & orchestration for end-to-end traceability EDI options for communicating with trading partners TRACEABILITY POWERED BY INTELLILABEL® Proactive Solution Designed To Meet Quality And Compliance Requirements INTELLILABEL® TECHNOLOGY: Easily create and manage complex parent/child relationships with IntelliLabel, our powerful serial number technology within Radley Traceability. Radley Corporation 4595 Broadmoor SE, Suite 115 Grand Rapids, MI 49512 Email: Tel: 616.541.6010 Fax: 616.554.9008 www. Determining Data As requirements become more complex, simply capturing supplier lot and serial information isn’t enough. There is no limit to the type or amount of data you can store within the Traceability Data- base. Collect supplier details, expiration, sample, quality, weight, transit time, material consump- tion, temperature, destination and more. Based on your process and requirements, our consul- tants can help you determine what data needs to be collected and at what points within your supply chain. Collecting Data If collected manually, the amount of data you need to be compliant can cause a significant drain on your resources, leaving room for error and increasing costs. Implementing one or more automated methods of data capture such as scanning barcodes, RFID, integrating to ERPs or databases such as QA, asset maintenance, machine monitoring and OEE can significantly increase efficiency and the quality of your data. Radley can capture, validate and merge this data into your traceability record within the database. Communicating Data You may have a variety of communication needs for your Traceability data. Create reports specific to your requirements and query your database to retrieve valuable data for audits, quality and recalls. Integrate to update your ERP or business system with real-time traceability data. Radley also has a platform of EDI solutions to help you meet your trading partner traceability requirements. HIGHLIGHTS Co-mingled lot tracking, serialized containers, individual & direct part marking Multiple data capture and integration options Real-time alerts and notifications to exception events or conditions Supports forward and backward traceability Configurable to your manufacturing type, industry and specific processes EDI options for trading partner compliance Supports chain of custody, product pedigree management License plating and containerization technology powered by IntelliLabel Don’t wait for a failed audit or costly recall! Be proactive and manage your supply chain data!