Case Study: Got Content? Billion Dollar Dairy Manufacturer Relies On EnterWorks PIM

Download this Case Study to learn how a billion dollar Dairy Manufacturer turned to EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) to deliver compelling and consistent product content and high-quality data across channels. Discover how EnterWorks is helping dairy manufacturers deploy PIM and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions that provide a central “system of record” for accurate, consistent, and compelling product information across an omnichannel environment.

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Copyright © 2017 EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc. All rights reserved. Case Study GOT CONTENT? Billion Dollar Dairy Manufacturer Relies on EnterWorks PIM Solutions to Deliver Compelling & Consistent Product Information Across Channels From cow to cart, the dairy industry faces an evolving and complex business environment. They are constantly pressed to find new ways to make operations more efficient and meet regulations, all while improving the customer experience. EnterWorks is helping Large Dairy Manufacturers and Cooperatives strategically leverage product information to drive quality and commerce. Background The Large Dairy Manufacturer faced an overarching challenge – they lacked a central “system of record” for product information. Product data and assets were stored and managed in multiple, disparate systems across the enterprise. Manual “hand-keyed” efforts to add items and content were inefficient, often leading to inconsistencies and poor data quality. Furthermore, the Dairy Manufacturer was unable to store and deliver content that consumers expect, like digital assets and images. All necessary to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Assembling the necessary data for GDSN and non-GDSN customers was also an overwhelming task. As a result, the business faced operational disruption and lost opportunities. The Challenge The organization’s “home-grown” back office systems and manual processes simply could not keep up with the extensive data and content demands. The Dairy Manufacturer needed to implement a Product Information Management (PIM) system to create a centralized repository of content that would drive improved data quality and governance. This would, in turn, help create better customer relationships as well as accurate data for internal and external processes. In addition, the software solution would help the Dairy Manufacturer: Achieve a single view of trusted product information: PIM solutions provide a central repository to gather, cleanse, and synchronize data. This trusted, consumer-ready information is quickly accessible to internal users and external partners. Dairy Manufacturer Business Challenges • Inaccurate data impacts the product label process, resulting in significant lost sales, return expenses and risk of fines • Differences in weight and measurements between systems cause transportation issues such as overweighting of dairy trucks. • Inconsistent data leads to possible penalties and low scorecards from trading partners. • Difficulty supporting channels such as Amazon and Walmart and their ever- changing data requirements. • Manually correcting data in disconnected systems causes significant loss in productivity, an increase in errors, and delays in new product introductions. Copyright © 2017 EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc. All rights reserved. Reduce time-to-market for new product launches: A PIM solution eases the process of introducing new items, as details can be quickly added and disseminated across every channel. Support larger product catalogs: PIM provides a scalable solution to continuously manage all information efficiently across the business. Private labels and product lines can be introduced quickly without a strain on resources. Ensure a consistent omnichannel experience: A PIM solution helps ensure correct, brand-sanctioned information is available across all online sites, print catalogs, store displays, kiosks, mobile apps, and more. This gives the consumer confidence in purchasing the products, no matter the channel. Simplify GDSN processes: A PIM system helps aggregate a complete source of product data, automate data feeds, cleanse data, align closely with GS1 Standards, and streamlines process flows. The Solution The Dairy Manufacturer turned to EnterWorks’ PIM software solution to manage product content, enhance its customers’ experience, and syndicate critical product data across its trading partner network through GDSN and non-GDSN methods. Through the EnterWorks’ Enable™ solution, the Large Dairy Manufacturer now has a centralized repository of product and digital information, eliminating redundant or manual efforts to approve and manage product information. The EnterWorks’ Portals for Members and Sales provide a shared, industry compliant platform for internal collaboration and syndicating content to data pools, wholesalers, and retailers. Using the Enable platform enables content sharing that meets industry standards such as GS1, add-on requirements from major food chains, and rich visual content needs for premier brands. The EnterWorks’ Dairy Solution features: • Dairy-specific taxonomy and data model including product relationships for ingredients, nutritionals, packaging, assets, claims, and more. • GDSN Major Release 3 certified to connect with trading partners. • Syndication templates for non-GDSN participants to accelerate publication and data flows. • Cloud-ready with fastest go-live times and lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. • Ability to create product labels, product sheets and nutrient documents. • Certified Title 21 CFR Part 11 • Powers syndication to retailers, exchanges (1SYNC), distributors, web and multiple other NA channels. Master Data Management Product Information Management Dynamic Data Modeling Workflow & Collaboration Syndication & Publishing Digital Asset Management Core Capabilities for Dairy Manufacturers Vendor Portal SOLUTION GOALS • Improved data quality & governance • Single, centralized source of truth for product information • Improved customer communication and relationships • Seamless integration with internal & external systems/processes • Increased efficiency and productivity in product creation and maintenance • Simplified GDSN process & close alignment with GS1 standards Copyright © 2017 EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc. All rights reserved. Ranked by 46040 Center Oak Plaza, Suite 115 Sterling, Virginia 20166 888.242.8356 | About EnterWorks Holding Company EnterWorks® Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables companies to acquire, manage and transform product information into persuasive content that drives higher sales and new competitive strengths through e-commerce Web, mobile, print and various electronic channels. EnterWorks is highly ranked by Gartner, Forrester and Ventana Research and used by industry leaders such as: HP Hood, US Foods, Orgill, W.B. Mason, Ariens, Guthy-Renker and Fender Musical Instruments. Enable Federation and Syndication delivers accurate, consistent & dynamically linked product & brand content to multiple platforms Websites & Portals Business Applications Mobile Apps/ Kiosks Print & Online Catalogs Images, videos & other digital assets Spreadsheets Data from supplier portals Data from backend systems & applications Enable Integration and Import integrates data from both internal and supplier sources Enable Data Quality Engine uses business rules to cleanse, normalize & validate your data Enable Workow automates best practices for collaborative management of all master data Enable Multi-Domain MDM/PIM /company/enterworks /enterworks /enterworks Here’s what HP Hood had to say about its experience with EnterWorks: “We recognize that the demands of today’s food consumer require us to deliver compelling, quality content for commerce. We’ve made a promise to our customers to provide superior product quality and innovation, and we must work together with our wholesale and retail partners as well as our technology partners to achieve this ongoing challenge. We chose EnterWorks because the platform is best suited to help us achieve information and technology excellence while driving both efficiency and revenue growth.” Jack Billiel, Senior Business Technology Leader at HP Hood To learn how EnterWorks can help drive your dairy digital transformation, contact us or visit our solution site.