A Holistic Approach to Content Globalization, Content Management and Digital Experience

Within the year, 75 percent of customer communications will be consumed digitally – and it will only increase from there. In order to engage consumers and remain competitive, companies must deliver customized, translated and localized content to each person across all digital channels and communication touchpoints. Times have certainly changed, and it begs the question – what now?

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1AMPLEXOR - EMBRACE THE FUTURE GREAT EXPECTATIONS: MEETING CUSTOMERS’ CONTENT NEEDS Content management and digital experience management have become increasingly important and complex in recent years. Add global audiences to the mix, and it may seem challenging to stay ahead of the game. GLOBAL CONTENT & LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS DRIVING INNOVATION: A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO CONTENT GLOBALIZATION, CONTENT MANAGEMENT AND DIGITAL EXPERIENCE  blog.amplexor.com/globalcontent FOR MORE TRANSLATION & LOCALIZATION ADVICE: Within the year, 75 percent of customer communications will be consumed digitally – and it will only increase from there. The pace of technology and digital innovation has created a global population that is more connected than ever. Our information-saturated, digital reality means content is being shared among billions of users, platforms and devices worldwide. Furthermore, consumers want that content to be personalized and culturally adapted. In short, people’s expectations when it comes to content have evolved, and that is impacting how they interact with businesses. In order to engage consumers and remain competitive, companies must deliver customized, translated and localized content to each person across all digital channels and communication touchpoints. In the language solutions industry, gone are the days of traditional customers with traditional expectations. Historically, content globalization revolved around serving siloed buyer groups with siloed needs centered on the three pillars of translation: cost, quality and turnaround time. Now, content globalization impacts people and processes that span an enterprise’s entire digital ecosystem. Times have certainly changed, and it begs the question – what now? 2 AMPLEXOR - EMBRACE THE FUTURE Consumers, stakeholders and employees demand the following from the companies with whom they interact:  Access to marketing, product and support communications delivered anywhere, anytime, to any device, in every language  Industry-specific, relevant content – contextualized and customized information aligned with personal needs and preferences  To be treated like a human, not a number  Responsive, global customer service These expectations impact how we, as service and solution providers, deliver content. We must offer our enterprise clients tailored, flexible solutions that centralize digital content creation and multilingual assets, consolidate vendors and streamline project management with ideal, custom workflows for efficient teaming. Furthermore, we must enable our customers to deliver content to their consumers, employees and stakeholders in a range of advanced, innovative formats across end-to-end communication touchpoints. Examples of these formats include:  Multi-media, media-rich assets (streaming video, interactive websites, dynamic ads, etc.)  Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)  Digital networks and social media platforms  Software /applications Not only is it crucial to deliver information in all formats, but the information in every format must also be culturally adapted, personalized to fit individual preferences and easily accessible via all channels to enable a positive digital experience. In other words, to remain competitive, we must help our clients deliver the right information, in the right place, at the right time to any device or digital touchpoint. It’s also worth noting cultural adaptation encompasses more than mere language translation. Content must be translated for all target audiences, even those who communicate in “niche” languages, as well as localized to align with cultural norms and nuances while maintaining the integrity of the original messaging. It’s safe to say information sharing has gotten personal. Being able to customize content and delivery is the only way to reach and meaningfully engage your target audiences. And we have a way to do just that. THE WAY FORWARD: AMPLEXOR’S APPROACH We enable a holistic approach to content globalization, content management and digital experience. To deliver truly customer-centric solutions, we consistently incorporate four key facets into our approach. 1. SEE THE BIG PICTURE Our thought leadership means we can understand the true extent of a customer’s interrelated needs. Customer pain points rarely exist in a vacuum or impact just one area of the business. Our ability to see how a customer challenge impacts an entire content ecosystem enables us to add measurable value by supporting a client’s end-to- end business process. This level of vision requires a deep understanding of needs across business functions, processes, channels, communication touchpoints, geographies and cultures. Armed with that knowledge, we are then able to see how pain points, which initially may have seemed unrelated, are actually connected and thus impact numerous business processes. Understanding the full scope of a customer’s needs means we can address cost, quality and turnaround time in a more holistic manner. 3AMPLEXOR - EMBRACE THE FUTURE 2. EVOLVE BEYOND “DUMB” INFORMATION A top goal of our clients is to better understand consumer buying behavior, so they can position the right product and marketing information, at the right communication touchpoints, at the right time to drive conversions and sales. But collecting and storing unstructured buyer data is not enough. That’s where data enrichment comes in. By enriching data, we refine it to do things such as automatically identify key data sets, blend data and prepare data in the right format for analysis so it can be easily consumed and exploited. Data enrichment allows us to transform “dumb” information into intelligent content. For example, enriching the data collected by a client’s online product catalog enables us to customize the information presented to each end user. Consumers, for instance, can automatically receive digital catalogue content that aligns with their purchase history, provides similar product recommendations, offers product reviews, presents automatically in their preferred language and more. When you harness the power of intelligent information to deliver content that is tailored to your consumers’ needs, you increase engagement and more quickly convert leads to sales. 3. PERSONALIZE USER EXPERIENCE Providers should be able to support a customer’s entire content ecosystem, but also have the capability to address individual pieces of a client’s business process. While one enterprise may have challenges requiring an end-to-end globalization strategy, another may just need assistance with quality management. It is critical to personalize solutions and user experience for each customer. A provider should mold flexible solutions to a client’s needs, rather than requiring the client to adjust to rigid technologies and services. Therefore, we think of solutions like a Lego box from which different pieces can be uniquely selected and connected to solve customers’ complex challenges. Our modular continuum of solutions integrates in any configuration to ensure we deliver technologies and services tailored to our customers’ individual needs and preferences. This way, we ensure customers are never treated generically. For example, we often deliver customer portals that seamlessly align with clients’ corporate identities. From custom widgets and apps, to ideal workflows, to branding and style guidelines, we ensure the portal solution truly aligns with and optimizes a company’s processes and image. 4. GUARANTEE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Another key facet to our customer-centric, holistic approach is excellent customer experience. We pride ourselves in providing hands-on support throughout the entire customer relationship. During onboarding, our Global Solutions Architects ensure all customer expectations and requirements are met for an efficient and successful launch. When it comes to daily operations, our Customer Experience team takes a “follow the sun” approach to guarantee 24/7, dedicated support. Customer Experience Managers are committed to helping our clients optimize time, quality, cost and overall satisfaction. Furthermore, our Solution Management department collects and internalizes client feedback to improve and create solutions that meet our customers’ ever- evolving needs. USE CASE: TRANSFORMING A LEADING FITNESS COMPANY’S DIGITAL CONTENT ECOSYSTEM To illustrate how our approach can be applied and successfully implemented, we detail a real-life example of a strategic, end-to-end solution. Our client, a top fitness company in the U.S., reached out with a request to localize their website for a range of languages. The original request followed the traditional approach of presenting a siloed need with a singular solution in mind. During discussions about the company’s overall business challenges, we realized it made more sense to start with improving the design and user experience of their outdated, in-house-developed content management system (CMS) – why localize a poorly designed site? We also realized they needed help expanding their digital brand presence in international markets, so multilingual marketing services became part of the solution scope. After all, once a website is redesigned and translated / 4AMPLEXOR - EMBRACE THE FUTURE localized, real value and return materializes only when the site engages and converts your global, strategic target audiences. By digging deeper to truly understand the challenges impacting our customer’s entire digital content ecosystem, we were able to move beyond delivering a siloed solution, as originally requested, to supporting their end-to-end business process. By selecting the correct technology and services from our continuum of solutions and tailoring their configuration, we were able to solve our customer’s specific challenges. In the end, we delivered a truly internationalized web presence by transforming their multilingual content ecosystem. This ensured our client could have high-quality multilingual content from creation to management to publication to promotion – all while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. HARNESSING THE POWER OF BREAK-THROUGH TECHNOLOGY To remain competitive and meet customers’ needs in today’s market, innovation must be a priority – if not the priority. Companies should invest in the right talent and create competence centers that are dedicated to innovating and developing “smart” products and solutions. Of course, this is easier said than done. We all say we want to innovate, but when business results fall on hard times, new product development and innovation are often some of the first areas to be scaled back. However, without unwavering investment in innovation, a company’s competitive advantage could easily slip away. Customer Challenge ORIGINAL REQUEST • Localize website BIGGER PICTURE • Website not localized • Outdated, in-house CMS = poor digital experience • Lack ability to execute multilingual marketing campaigns for international target audiences Holistic Solution • Go beyond just localization • Identify and implement the right technologies and processes to support multilingual content creation, management, publication and promotion • Redesign/Webmaster CMS • Implement centralized translation program (TMS + services) • Integrate CMS and TMS using connectors • Manage multilingual, digital marketing Result Truly internationalized web presence by transforming multilingual content “ecosystem” • Better website design improves customer / digital experience • Translation centralization improves translation quality, cost and turnaround • Website localization makes message accessible for international audiences • Multilingual marketing campaigns generate international leads 5 AMPLEXOR - EMBRACE THE FUTURE At AMPLEXOR, we prioritize innovation to continuously improve the way we support our customers’ end-to-end content needs. We are investing heavily in creating intelligent content solutions that leverage automation and machine learning to more efficiently solve a wider range of complex pain points. Our customers have evolved; thus, we must evolve. We can add measurable value for our clients if we go beyond a siloed approach and instead, implement cohesive strategies, backed by a continuum of intelligent, highly configurable and modular solutions. ABOUT AMPLEXOR AMPLEXOR is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and content solutions. Established in 22 countries with more than 1,850 employees across three continents we deliver innovative solutions to tackle content-based challenges in the fields of aerospace and defense, automotive and manufacturing, consumer products, retail and distribution, energy and environment, finance, life sciences and the public sector. 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