On Demand: The Necessity of Video Marketing for Manufacturers

This is filled with 'actionable and profitable' manufacturing marketing strategies.

Industrial Media’s David Mantey recently joined Curt Anderson and Ira Bowman on the "Manufacturing eCommerce Success" webinar series.

The discussion focused on "The Necessity of Video Marketing for Manufacturers," and is now available on demand. 

“The power of video has never been more apparent, it's one of the single most powerful mediums available today,” said Mantey. “If you're not using video, you're already behind, but it's not as complicated or daunting as some believe it to be. Also, it can be fun, which is a bonus, depending on your overall disposition.”

In 2020, Industrial Media’s videos received more than two million views.

“With the B2B eCommerce market currently exploding, we are truly blessed with top experts each week who deliver powerful tips for manufacturers seeking success on their eCommerce journey,” said Anderson. “This session is filled with actionable and profitable manufacturing eCommerce strategies to immediately apply to your business.”