Illegal Winery Discovered in Local Sewage Plant

No word yet on how the wine tasted.

Rainsville, Alabama, is a small town with about 5,100 people some 100 miles northeast of Birmingham.

On Thursday, the sheriff's office received an anonymous tip about an illegal alcohol operation in a city building. 

The tip led authorities to an illegal winery operating out of the Rainsville sewage plant. 

Supervisor Allen Maurice Stiefel, 62, a 15-year-veteran, was arrested and faces a felony charge for using an official position for personal gain and a misdemeanor possession charge of illegally manufactured alcohol.

Stiefel was suspended without pay, however, the plant's four other employees won't be suspended.

It's legal to have less than 15 gallons of homemade wine in Alabama, but according to police photos, Stiefel had more than 100 gallons of white and red liquid on-site. 

Operations at the wastewater plant will continue as normal.

The winery appeared to be in operation for a long period of time. In a statement, DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said the operation is one of the biggest he's seen in the county, possibly the entire state. He said, "It doesn't matter who you are, no one is above the law."

No word yet on how the wine tasted.