Systems Consolidation Saves Time, Improves Work Flow

Assa Abloy benefitted from the expertise of Columbus as the manufacturer made Microsoft Dynamics the exclusive platform for their global enterprise.

Assa Abloy was in the midst of a double-digit growth spurt when the hotel lock and safe manufacturer realized that generating 17 different P&L statements was a tipping point in their IT inefficiency.

Each of their unique business units around the world was operating under a separate ERP system. However, they’ve realized a number of benefits since integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX as their single global platform:

  • The elimination of numerous steps for multiple processes, as well as the ability to automate a number of procedures across the enterprise. For example, prior to Microsoft Dynamics AX, orders had to be entered as many as five times at different points of processing and production. Now an order is entered once and shared across all areas. For a company processing up to 30,000 orders/month, this type of functionality saves a lot of time and reduces the potential for errors.
  • Because all business units now use the same data in managing order entry, production flow and delivery,  Assa Abloy feels they have realized as much as an 80 percent improvement in time savings.
  • With all order acknowledgments, invoices and confirmations now taking place electronically, the company can process orders and inventory more efficiency, and in many instances reduce the number of steps between order and delivery.
  • The platform allowed for the creation of a web portal through which customers can order via a part number or by selecting the type of lock or handle they desire. A built-in product configuration tool builds the order and automatically feeds it into the system for production and delivery.

From the beginning Columbus played a key role in helping Assa Abloy with their transition to Microsoft Dynamics AX. The company turned to Columbus for support in every country where Columbus had a physical presence, and relied on Columbus to connect them with a third party where they did not.

Assa Abloy initially sought out Columbus because of its experience in working with similar companies targeting similar goals. Essentially, Columbus understood Assa Abloy and what they wanted to achieve. At the end of the day, Assa Abloy benefited from more than just Columbus’ product expertise, but from the true partnership that was formed.

While a number of metrics can be produced which support the improvements Assa Abloy has seen, those numbers don’t tell the real success story. The most significant benefit of partnering with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Columbus has been that Assa Abloy employees are now coming up with new ideas – ideas that they know can be supported by a single, global platform.