VIDEO: Jack Link's Celebrates Jerky Day With "Meat Rushmore"

Jack Link's, known for their meat snacks, celebrated the third annual National Jerky Day on June 12 by recreating Mount Rushmore entirely out of the company's beef, pork and turkey jerky. The result: A 1,600 pound 3D meat replica — Meat Rushmore.

Jack Link's is commemorating the third annual National Jerky Day with its most monumental achievement ever: the creation of "Meat Rushmore," an awe-inspiring meat replica of South Dakota's famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The enormous structure is covered in more than 1,600 pounds of Jack Link's beef, pork and turkey jerky, weight in at over 350,000 grams of lean protein, and is being showcased in New York City's Columbus Circle on June 12, 2014. National Jerky Day is celeebrated annually to commemorate Americans' love for snacking and their unadulterated desire to "Feed Their Wild Side."