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Manufacturing Minute: LG's Two-Sided Flat Screen

In this episode, a dual-view OLED display . . . because why not?

In this episode, a dual-view OLED display… because why not? Welcome to your Manufacturing Minute. 
This year at CES, electronic manufacturer LG made a splash with its rollable, newspaper-like OLED panel. Well, in an attempt to outdo themselves, they also showed off a 55-inch dual-view flat, which is comprised of two separate displays, spliced together back-to-back. The whole display is just 4.9 milimeters think with minimal bezels. The 1080p display can accept two separate sources, one for each side. 
LG also unveiled a 139-inch Vertical Tiling OLED, or VTO, display. To make that, LG used eight of its double-sided 65-inch OLED panels, connecting them to form an S-shape pattern.
The duel-view will be available in 55 and 111-inch versions and LG says it intends the dual-view screen for use in digital signage, say at an airport, mall or subway, but who’s to say it won’t be bringing families together again someday as we sit around to watch a tearjerker on one side of the room and explosions by Michael Bay on the other. 
Do you think a niche market like this needs purpose-built electronics? Or is this a smart way to test products before a wider, consumer net is cast?
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Well that’s all the time we have today, but tune in every weekday for your next Manufacturing Minute.