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RM2 Density Meter for Dredging

The RM2 for dredging is a red meter density measuring device, placed inline and can be combined with a flow meter for mass flow. The RM2 density meter is a REDmeters product, and boasts following specifics: * measures 100% volume of a pipe. This is in sharp contrast with any other density meters our there, that measure through sampling, through cross sections with a gamma beam or sonic wave * has an accuracy of 99.7% on FULL volume. Other meters will give you an accuracy number on 'what is measured in the sample'. * real-time reporting to HMI in the immediate meter vicinity, AND real-time reporting on the client computer network. A red meter reports every 45 Milliseconds. A Nuclear meter, for example, reports up to 10 minutes after its cross section measurement * non-nuclear, and therefore there is no licensing and certification required. Nor is there an operator or certified safety officer needed. * Transportable: as important for the dredging industry, it is now possible to have a density meter ON a dredge or vessel. Dredge companies now can bill by the tonnage, for example. * non-intrusive: there is no contact with the material. There are no beams, waves, pings or any sensors in the sludge or slurry. * pipe inner diameter sizes from 2inch up to 42inch ID A red meter actually weighs what is going through a pipe, with a highly sensitive displacement laser that monitors a patented rubber pipe.