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Ecotile E500/ESD

Ecotile ESD floor tiles are a static dissipative or conductive flooring system designed for use in areas where components or individuals need to be protected from the risk of electrostatic damage. This includes electronic sub-assembly areas or facilities where combustible/explosive materials are handled, typically in an industrial or manufacturing environment. Ecotile ESD is guaranteed to meet BS EN 61340-5-1:2001 and to be IEC 61340 compliant. The surface resistance of the tiles falls between 3.0 x 10⁴ ohm/m2 and 3 x 10⁶ ohm. The contact resistance falls between 3.6 x 10⁵ ohm and 9.5 x10⁵ ohm. The conductive properties of Ecotile ESD floors will last for the lifetime of the tile and if grounded in accordance with our instructions and maintained properly, the tiles will create a safe conductive floor surface that can be used as your primary ground. Ecotile is manufactured using an injection-molding process during which thousands of tiny stainless steel fibers are added to the compound. This method ensures that the fibers are evenly distributed right the way through each tile guaranteeing the permanent ESD performance of the tile. Design and Installation The stainless steel fibers may be visible on the surface of the tile, this is due to the manufacturing process and cannot be eliminated. The fibers are least visible in combination with the dark grey compound so dark grey is the standard colors in which we produce the ESD tile. If a customer requires a contrasting colored ESD tile we can also manufacture in dark blue. Key benefits Simple click-and-use installation 20+ years anticipated lifespan Smart modern appearance Chemically resistant Reduces dust and noise Exceptional durability – fork and pallet truck compatible Safe – excellent slip-resistance Warm – insulates the floor from cold and damp Fire retardant – Class Bfl s1 Reduces fatigue Easy to maintain and clean Lower life cycle cost Move and re-use

Mnet 100871 7mm Esd Smooth