Silent Circle Launches Management Console Capabilities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Silent Circle, the global encrypted communications pioneer revolutionizing mobile data security for both businesses and government agencies, has announced the availability of the company’s new Silent Circle Management Console, a secure web-based portal allowing organizations to easily purchase, assign and manage licenses for employees using Silent Circle’s peer-to-peer encrypted Silent Phone and Silent Text mobile apps on their personal or employer-issued devices.

Designed to enable quick, easy and centralized deployment of Silent Phone and Silent Text for organizations dealing with growing BYOD programs, Silent Circle’s new management console supports any size deployment of the company’s encrypted communications services, making it a natural complement to organizations’ mobile device management (MDM) solutions while addressing “the last mile of mobile data security.” The console’s key features include continuous visibility over available, assigned and utilized licenses and optional delegation of account management to team administrators within different departments. Using the console’s centralized view of total enterprise licenses, administrators can continually upgrade and reassign licenses across different users and their devices, yielding exceptional efficiency and value.

“Businesses and government agencies continue to be our fastest-growing customer base and we’ve designed the Silent Circle Management Console to give these users a centralized, seamless means of provisioning our apps and services to support employees according to their specific roles and risks,” said Silent Circle Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Jon Callas. “Now organizations can quickly turn to Silent Phone and Silent Text as key complements to existing mobile device management solutions and crucial safeguards for employees’ personal, unmanaged devices inevitably used for sensitive communications.”

Silent Circle’s flexible management console provides significant cost efficiency advantages. Administrators can easily change account licenses on-demand and organizations can tailor and optimize license costs according to employees’ privacy risk factors, such as their job descriptions or frequent overseas travel. The console keeps track of any unassigned or unutilized licenses, helping to ensure customers are maximizing their full value and protection of Silent Circle’s services.

Within the console, which is optimized for both popular desktop and mobile browsers, each newly created employee account will have access to Silent Phone and Silent Text apps for peer-to-peer encrypted VoIP calls with seamless on-demand video, multi-user conferencing features and encrypted text messaging with attachments. Administrators can purchase additional licenses for Silent Phone, Silent Text and Out-Circle Access service for Silent Phone, which allows employees using Silent Phone to call regular phone lines.* These calls made “outside the circle” are routed with encryption in place between the Silent Phone user and the edge of Silent Circle’s global private network.

Just as Silent Circle cannot access the contents of its users’ peer-to-peer encrypted calls and messages, console administrators cannot access employees’ communications through Silent Circle’s apps. However, administrators can deactivate any accounts created and assigned through the console as needed, helping ensure that sensitive, employer-provided access and services are immediately revoked upon employees’ separation or reassignment.

About Silent Circle’s encrypted communication services:

  • Silent Phone: Encrypted mobile VoIP calling with ability to seamlessly switch to high-quality, secure video calls, on-demand. Currently available for iOS and Android, it can be used with Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G or 4G cellular anywhere in the world.
  • Silent Text: Encrypted text messaging with attachments and “Burn Notice” feature for permanently deleting messages from device registries. Currently available for iOS with Android version under development.
  • Silent Mail: Encrypted e-mail on Silent Circle’s private, secure network through unique e-mail accounts with up to 1 Gigabyte (GB) of encrypted mailbox space. Compatible with popular e-mail client software.
  • Silent Eyes: Encrypted VoIP audio and video calls and conferencing from laptops and desktops through Silent Circle’s custom HD network. Compatible with Silent Phone. Currently available for Windows.
  • Out-Circle-Access: Enables calls between one Silent Phone subscriber and a non subscriber.*

*Currently limited to PSTN calls in US, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service headquartered in Washington D.C. that provides cutting-edge encrypted text, e-mail, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobile apps. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, and Phil Zimmermann, the world famous Silicon Valley creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame. For more on Silent Circle, please visit