PROFIBUS DP-V0 Slave Communication Modules


LISLE, ILMolex Incorporated plans to highlight its recently released Brad SST Communication Modules SST-PB3S-CLX-RLL, SST-PB3S-CLX-RLL-CC and SST-PB3S-CLXT-RLL for Rockwell ControlLogix at the 2014 Rockwell Automation Fair, November 19-20, in Anaheihm, CA. The Molex booth 612 will showcase the new SST PROFIBUS modules and other integrated Brad solutions.

“Pairing open Rockwell connectivity and high-speed deterministic communication, the Brad SST Communication Modules for Rockwell ControlLogix streamlines and optimizes the performance of automation equipment on a PROFIBUS DP-V0 network in standard, harsh and corrosive industrial environments,” states George Kairys, global product manager, Molex.  “These modules significantly reduce commissioning time by allowing customers to quickly configure and access their data with the ControlLogix CPU.”

Designed to handle up to 244 word data exchange for a slave connection of Rockwell ControlLogix systems to PROFIBUS network, the Brad SST Communication Modules are PROFIBUS PNO-certified and fully compatible with the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture* environment.  The modules feature a custom add-on profile for Rockwell RSLogix* 5000 and Studio 5000* and enable simple, fill-in template configuration. The dedicated PROFIBUS slave modules, which include a scrolling LCD character display and built-in LEDs showing system, communication, and network status, simplifies user implementation and diagnostics.  The custom add-on profile in the Logix programming environment eliminates the need for Ladder Logic for configuration and data transfer between the Brad SST Module and the processor. Instructional videos are available in the support section at, which show how easy it is to implement these modules.

“Molex Brad products empower the industrial infrastructure.  Designed for easy installation and long-term reliable performance in harsh environments, Brad communication network interfaces, remote scanners and diagnostic tools are fully integrated into the Rockwell Integrated Architecture. For decades, our industry-leading PROFIBUS  offerings have provided users the best performance, value and custom solutions for their PROFIBUS networking demands”, adds Kairys.

A Rockwell Encompass Global Partner, Molex is a leader in connectivity for Rockwell Automation controllers.  Offering design flexibility, Brad SST Communication Modules support various work modes and are available for various industrial networks, fieldbus requirements, and suitable for a wide range of factory automation, process control and complex machine applications.

For more information on Brad SST Communication Modules for Rockwell ControlLogix, please visit  Molex booth 612 at Rockwell Automation Fair or online: