Fully Integrated Suite For Advanced Data Loss Prevention

SilverSky, the expert cloud provider of information security solutions, has announced the industry’s most advanced family of email security software. SilverSky’s Email Protection Suite (EPS) is fully integrated and built on a single cloud management platform, providing organizations with unified security and control over both inbound and outbound corporate messaging. SilverSky’s flagship email data loss prevention (DLP) solution offers content-aware policies normally reserved for standalone enterprise DLP solutions. Email DLP is fully integrated into the suite, and the unified policy engine allows companies to write single policies that apply to all email security features, while rollup reporting provides enhanced visibility, reduced risk and lower administrative overhead.

This new offering is being announced in tandem with the launch of SilverSky, announced separately. (See separate release here: Introducing SilverSky: Perimeter E-Security and USA.NET Unify Brands and Launch Industry’s Only Advanced Security-as-a-Service Platform).

SilverSky has invested millions of dollars into developing email security software that is purpose-built to safeguard corporate communications of thousands of large enterprises and highly regulated businesses. Its heritage as the industry’s most trusted managed services provider has enabled SilverSky to develop software and implement controls that satisfy the world’s most demanding industry regulations and audits. The company is making this formerly exclusive security software available to any organization or partner as a single, unified, comprehensive and easy to use software-as-a-service solution.

“To meet the exceedingly high security standards that our heavily regulated and enterprise customers demand, we had to build out the stack of email security software that was better than any commercial alternative,” said Tim Harvey, CEO, SilverSky. “We are excited to make this innovative technology available as a standalone software-as-a-service offering.”

While strong oversight of inbound messaging is important, strict control of outbound messaging is critical, especially in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era. The SilverSky platform delivers a complete, fully integrated suite of email security solutions, including advanced DLP, email archiving, email continuity and AV/AS and encryption. In addition, deep integration with external IP stores for superior data risk reduction and alignment with highly regulated infrastructure and policies are included in the platform.

“At Farmers, we have highly customized policy requirements that track the flow of sensitive email with zero tolerance for business disruption,” said Rod Chamberlin, AVP, eBusiness/AIMS, Farmers Insurance Group, a SilverSky customer. “We picked SilverSky’s Email DLP based on scalability, functionality, integration and financial impact. It was simply the best choice for us.”

SilverSky’s single policy engine makes it easy to write one policy across all services based on any message data or metadata – even third party services. The basic content control allows customers to block critical outbound information such as credit cards and social security numbers, while its leading DLP technology allows for fine-grained actions that ensure the industry’s highest level of data protection.  Advanced analysis features like content-aware fingerprinting and proximity checking, full redaction capabilities and the ability to test policies before deploying them, usually reserved for standalone, enterprise solutions, are now available to secure email.

“When it comes to security, companies often spend too much time concerned with incoming traffic and protecting themselves against viruses, worms and botnets. While those things are important, it’s the critical information flowing out of your organization that represents the greatest risk,” said John Viega, executive vice president, SilverSky. “Our email DLP technology is a quantum leap over the one-dimensional channel DLP and content filtering solutions, and it protects confidential information, while our extraordinarily flexible definition framework matches the exact risk appetite and tolerance for business disruption of each individual organization.”

About SilverSky
SilverSky is the expert provider of cloud security solutions. Born from our success as a managed services provider, our Security-as-a-Service platform delivers cloud-based software and managed services that protect critical information simply and cost effectively. By tirelessly safeguarding our customers’ most important information, we enable growth-minded leaders to pursue their business ambitions without security worry. Our growing customer base includes 6,000 organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. For more information, visit www.SilverSky.com.