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WD-40® Specialist® Line

All of the new products in the WD-40® Specialist® line are 50-state VOC compliant and each come with unique benefits.


WD-40 Company (San Diego, CA) is adding three new products to its WD-40® Specialist® line. All of the new products are 50-state VOC compliant and each come with unique benefits:

  • Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube (10 ounces) is ideal for reducing friction and wear, and dries quickly. An NSF Category H2 product, it also resists dirt, dust, and oil; helps release molded parts; and is great for lubricating slides, rollers, and hinges.
  • Machine & Engine Degreaser (18 ounces) sprays up to five feet and has a deep foaming penetrating action that removes grease, oil, dirt, and grime. It is authorized for use under NSF Category C1.
  • Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray (11 ounces) is an NSF K2 registered product and is safe to use on a variety of surfaces. With its Smart Straw® technology, it can clean oil, dirt, flux residue, and condensation from circuit boards, controls, and electrical panels.

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