King Steel Corporation Receives Supplier Of The Year Award

King Steel Corporation was recently awarded the Supplier of the Year Award from Nexteer Corporation, a global Tier-one automotive supplier and leader in motion control.

Grand Blanc, MI — King Steel Corporation, headquartered in Grand Blanc, MI was recently awarded the Supplier of the Year Award from Nexteer Corporation, a global Tier-one automotive supplier and leader in motion control. King Steel was awarded for excellent customer support, focus, and next generation design, which helped Nexteer cut costs and plant downtime.

“King Steel is a pillar of the industry as it relates to overall value and relationship building. We make complex safety-oriented parts for vehicles, and therefore, cannot compromise on anything we do,” said a strategic buyer from Nexteer. “King Steel understands materials, listens to the voice of the customer, and works hard to provide quality customized steel products. They do not simply react to a proposal as-is, but go the extra mile to offer recommendations as to how the product, design, or process can be more cost effective and durable. They do what they say they’re going to do, and relying on King Steel allows me to keep my promises to customers.”

Nexteer was facing the possibility of disruptions to their product line because a supplier was closing a plant. King Steel stepped in to deliver a new solution and new material in less than five months.  As a bonus, King Steel and Nexteer were able to establish just-in-time delivery to three plants, reducing a majority of Nexteer’s warehousing costs.

“Nothing is off limits for our team, we’ve sent staff to plants to educate their employees on how to cut steel and left the tools for them to use, which helped reduce scrap,” said John King, president pf King Steel.  “We work as one team with our customers and this award really showcases what the company can do when we are all focused on making sure the customer is satisfied.”

“We attribute a large part of this award to the fact that in the last five years King Steel has invested in a state of the art bar quench and temper line along with increasing its high speed saw capacity,” said Doug King, CEO of King Steel.

King Steel works closely with its’ supply base as well and values those relationships just as much.  Working closely with their suppliers on sourcing and pricing ensures they are providing the best value in the industry.

King Steel supplies many different grades and qualities of wire rod, different grades and qualities of SBQ steel bars. The company stocks approximately 20,000 tons wire rod, 25,000 tons of SBQ bar in various diameters and grades and specializes in high carbon and cold heading wire rod in carbon, alloy and stainless grades. With warehousing and processing centers all over the country, they are well positioned to service key customers quickly and efficiently, ensuring operations remain uninterrupted.