Tubular Conveyor

This conveyor is for use in longer distances, over multiple levels or unique layout configurations that require numerous inlet and discharge points.

When your conveying needs are longer distances, over multiple levels or has a unique layout configuration that requires numerous inlet and discharge points, this tubular conveyor can do the job well. Convey your products in a completely sealed system. The sprocket drive slowly pulls a heavy-duty chain through a fully enclosed pipe. As the chain moves your material through the pipe, there is no chance for dusting, explosions or contamination issues. Product also uses less energy than other conveyors to move powders or bulk solids. The low-horsepower motor produces the slow, steady drag that cuts your energy costs. Product can convey high-moisture ingredients, abrasive, blended, friable, easy-to-compact or smear products without compromising quality or efficiency. The modular design of this convey allows for optimum conveying, including length, conveyor patch, number of inlets or discharge outlets.

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