With some of the smallest footprints available, both the 55-pound and 88-pound stuffers fit right into production lines.


These all stainless steel Stuffers are ready to go to work today.  All machines are delivered complete with 3 extruding horns — 12mm, 14mm, and 20mm, and are ready to be put into operation immediately. With some of the smallest footprints available, both the 55 pound and 88 pound Stuffers fit right into production lines.  Both models are available with an optional portion control attachment.  They are capable of portioning accurate weight from 3/4 oz. to 16 oz. Hydraulically-powered, 55 and 88 Stuffers feature self-contained stainless steel oil tanks. Oil does not get contaminated and regular oil changes are not required as often. Each pump is also safe guarded which extends life and reduces noise levels. Exceptional reliability and longer life is possible through the all stainless steel design of the Stuffers. The stainless steel head cover has twin-locking handles and is completely removable for ease of cleaning. The piston is all stainless steel, is detachable, and connects to a stainless steel ram.  With quality construction through and through, the Stuffers bring longer life to your processing line.