PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017 Product Preview: CM31 StandardLine CombiChecker

The new Mettler Toledo CM31 StandardLine CombiChecker integrates two key inspection functions into one simple solution.

The new Mettler Toledo CM31 StandardLine CombiChecker integrates two key inspection functions into one simple solution. Within a single compact system, products pass through a metal detector, then are weighed on a checkweigher. Products detected to be contaminated with metal, or that exceed pre-set weight parameters, are immediately rejected from the production line into separate reject bins for each defect, eliminating the possibility of them entering the marketplace.

The CM31 is one of Mettler Toledo’s new C Series checkweighing and metal detection combination systems, designed to provide the widest possible range of weighing and metal contamination detection solutions. The modular construction of C Series systems ensures that there is an optimal checkweighing and metal detection solution for any inspection need, from simple to the most complex and challenging. The CM31, for example, is configurable with 80 performance and productivity-enhancing options, can accurately weigh packages weighing from 20 g to 6 kg at throughput rates of up to 200 ppm, and is accessed through a 7-inch color multilingual touchscreen. This weighing system is combined with the Mettler Toledo Profile LS metal detector capable of detecting all metal types including ferrous, non-ferrous, non-magnetic stainless steel and aluminum. The Profile LS is a compact contamination detection solution for use in either in-line or end-of-line inspections, primarily in dry applications.

The compact and space-saving CM31 system fully supports food safety frameworks based on a hazard analysis such as HACCP and HARPC, and is ideal as a production line Critical Control Point. Detailed statistical data and one of the largest ranges of product handling options make the CM31 checkweigher and metal detector combination a key component in proving due diligence.

The check­weigher and metal detector set up and configuration are done at the checkweigher control panel, saving time and space and simplifying the operation. Product changeovers result in each inspection device automatically adapting to stored parameters for the new package. This dual-function system can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of any food, personal care or pharmaceutical production line.