PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017 Product Preview: Spee-Dee Checkweigher

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery is exhibiting its new checkweigher, along with other filling machines, at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery is exhibiting its new checkweigher, along with other filling machines, in booth C-4209, at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

One of the most unique features of the new checkweigher is what you don’t see — no bulky electrical cabinet. The space-saving design allows for the electrical components and cables to be located inside the rails of the frame, reducing the checkweigher’s footprint. The checkweigher is also different in that it can be integrated into both existing filling systems, as well as other machinery, to provide accurate weight measurements.

The checkweigher comes with improved accuracy, thanks to its use of MFR Technology within the load cell. Providing a higher level of accuracy than strain gauge loadcells, MFR Technology gives better performance with no reading drift. Other features of the new checkweigher includes tool-less belt removal, and a three-leg base, which makes it easier to level than units with four legs. Being PLC-based means there’s no proprietary controls to worry about, making the checkweigher more user-friendly to operate and calibrate in the field.   

Other filling machines on display include Spee-Dee’s new smaller 24” stainless steel Rotary Filler, which is designed for high-speed filling of rigid containers for a variety of markets. While this new compact size provides for a smaller footprint, the Rotary Filler still offers improved accessibility at all points of the machine; open access to the base, drive system and change parts to make cleaning, maintenance and changeovers, which can be performed without tools, faster and easier. Additionally, the Rotary Filler’s stainless steel construction and improved safety features create a reliable, clean machine.

Spee-Dee’s Revolution Series Auger is a machine that’s perfect for applications that need filling right away. The price-competitive Revolution Series Auger is manufactured and stocked at Spee-Dee’s Sturtevant, Wisconsin, headquarters. When an order is placed, the appropriate column, stand and tooling requirements are added to the auger and it’s ready to ship as soon as possible — making it the ideal filler for applications that need to get up and running quickly. The Revolution is shown with an optional offline checkweighing system.

Visitors can also see Spee-Dee’s Servo Drive Volumetric Cup Filler, which is ideal for dispensing free-flowing dry products such as beans, rice and cereal. Spee-Dee’s servo-driven cup fillers come with many advantages, such as the ability to quickly change different cup sizes to accommodate the density and weight standards of multiple products; fill containers up to 20 pounds; and comes with Allen-Bradley PLC controls to enable timing settings and multiple drop fills. These advantages ultimately save customers time and money by keeping their line operational and filling longer.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery