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Auto-Sensing Tray Wrapper

Ishida’s WM-4000 wrapper weighs, wraps and labels.


Ishida and Rice Lake Retail Solutions announce the release of a new wrapper for North American retail marketers, the WM-4000. This fully automatic tray wrapper is capable of speeds up to 35 parts per minute and, with its robotic label applicator, prints labels at 100 millimeters per second in any position or direction. The unit offers an auto-sensing feature that detects tray size and pre-stretched film for improved package appearance. The wrapper also saves film by automatically switching between two film sizes that accommodate a wide range of tray sizes. It's design gives priority to the operation process itself--minimizing the burden on the operator while weighing, wrapping and labeling each tray. A color touchscreen allows the user to toggle between PLU's and products. Operators have full access for easy cleaning in, around and under the unit. Suitable for grocers, specialty shops and retail suppliers, the system can also be modified to fit any package orientation. 
Rice Lake Retail Solutions