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Thermal Imaging & Non-Contact Temperature Measurements

FLIR Systems' SC2500-NIR near infrared camera has embedded image processing electronics, high frame rates and flexible integration times.

FLIR SC2500-NIR near infrared cameraFLIR Systems has released the Model SC2500-NIR near infrared camera, covering the spectral range of 0.9-µm to 1.7-µm. Combining thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurements, the camera features: 

  • Embedded image processing electronics.
  • High frame rates.
  • Flexible integration times.
  • Lock-in signal processing.
  • Spectral filtering.
  • Gigabit Ethernet digital interface for PCs and laptop connection.
  • Accurate non-contact temperature measurements, calibrated for temperatures between 400° and 2000°C.
  • Sensitive InGaAs detector with an array size of 320 × 256 pixels.
  • Full-frame acquisition rates up to 340Hz to capture images of fast moving targets without image blur.
  • Adjustable image windowing (128 × 8 pixels) enables frame rates as high as 15kHz.
  • Lock-in input feature to enhance signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Optional spectral range extension down to 0.4-µm.

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