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Custom, 3-D Flexible Containment Enclosures

Zoneworks recently released its 3-D environmental containment enclosures — custom modular structures engineered to address challenging environmental conditions.

Zoneworks EnclosuresZoneworks recently released its 3-D environmental containment enclosures — custom-designed modular structures specifically engineered to cost-effectively address challenging environmental conditions virtually anywhere within an industrial plant or warehouse. The ZONEWORKS® enclosures deliver:

  • Control of temperature, heat, humidity, sound, odor, dust, fumes and other elements to protect employees, products, and process integrity.
  • The flexibility to be constructed or reconfigured for temporary product storage in internal or external, conditioned or ambient environments.
  • The ability to be shaped to fit an entire open area or an individual machine.
  • Construction that consists of modular vinyl panels securely connected with Velcro®, although the application dictates the number of sides to an enclosure and the exact materials used, including insulating materials if required.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, plus the enclosures can be easily and quickly reconfigured as needs change.