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An Iconic Suite Of HMI/SCADA

ICONICS recently launched Version 10.5 of its GENESIS64 OPC-integrated HMI/SCADA suite.

ICONICS recently launched Version 10.5 of its GENESIS64 OPC-integrated HMI/SCADA suite. Designed utilizing OPC Unified Architecture and 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms, the GENESIS64 suite, according to the company, also exhibits:

• Several modular solutions that simplify connectivity from the plant floor to corporate business systems.

• Certification for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, .NET and SharePoint technologies.

• Integration of real-time manufacturing and business information into a common Web-enabled visualization dashboard.

• Incorporation of GraphWorX64, TrendWorX64, AlarmWorX64, EarthWorX and the Workbench Web-based development, deployment and operations products.

• New Microsoft Silverlight cloud services for the cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device capability to deliver .NET-based media experiences and interactive Web applications.

• The combination of multimedia, graphics, animation and interactivity into a single runtime environment.

• The ability to work along with XAML code in presenting vector graphics and animation, as well as be used to create Windows Sidebar gadgets for Windows Vista to bolster overall visualization capabilities of user applications.

ICONICS President and CEO Russ Agrusa explains, “Silverlight expands GENESIS64’s rich Web-friendly graphics, alarm management and trend charting functionality. Certification for Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, .NET, SharePoint and other technologies assists ICONICS in helping customers to better visualize their business applications.”

“ARC expects that ICONICS will fully leverage the capabilities of the latest Microsoft products, such as Silverlight, to address the trend, being deployed by many successful manufacturers, of using real-time visualization solutions to ensure that any problems are exposed as they occur on the plant floor,” says ARC Advisory Group research director Craig Resnick.

“This is a welcome trend to workers on the plant floor, especially when they are empowered to stop the manufacturing process and fix the problems as they occur to get the product quality right the first time, which is one of the primary benefits of real-time industrial automation.”