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The National Technical Information Service's (NTIS') Toxic Substances Control Act Test

The National Technical Information Service's (NTIS') Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submission (TSCATS) online database contains bibliographic information of unpublished, non-confidential studies that cover chemical testing results, as well as adverse effects of chemicals on health and ecological systems.

The TSCATS was developed in order to make ongoing and completed chemical testing studies available to the public, according to the organization. The bibliographic collection currently exceeds 25,000 titles of studies, which were submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by U.S. industry under several sections of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

There are four types of documents listed in the database, including:

  • Section 4 chemical testing results.

  • Section 8(d) health and safety studies.

  • Section 8(e)—substantial risk of injury to health or the environment notices.

  • Voluntary documents known as FYI notices submitted to the EPA.
The organization says that the TSCATS is comprised of information that is pertinent to the risk assessment and hazard evaluation processes, and consists of:

  • Chemical exposure studies.

  • Epidemiology.

  • Environmental fate.

  • Monitoring.

  • Episodic incidents, such as spills.

  • Case reports.
You can access the TSCATS database for online searching via; documents described in the database are available from the NTIS.

NTIS is the federal government’s central source for the sale of scientific, technical, engineering and related business data produced by or for the U.S. government, in addition to complementary material from international sources. The organization says that it provides information on approximately 3 million products.