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Process Control & Manual Weighing in Hazardous Areas

Mettler Toledo's IND560x weighing terminal features analog or electro magnetic force restoration weighing technologies.

Mettler Toledo has released the IND560x weighing terminal, designed for both process control and manual weighing operations in hazardous areas. The IND560x:

  • Is suitable for weighing in Division 1 or Zone 1/21 areas.
  • Features analog or electro magnetic force restoration (EMFR) weighing technologies.
  • Has discrete input/output options.
  • Has a highly-configurable operator interface with numerous programmable, on screen prompts.
  • Delivers a target update rate of 50 Hz in controlled filling and dosing applications, meaning that once a set point is reached, users can trigger a process control in 20 ms.
  • Is available with an analog or high precision scale interface, which uses the SmartTrac™ graphic display to provide unmistakable weighing transaction status.
  • Supports up to 20 programmable, on screen prompts to assist an operator through complex operations.
  • Allows users to control devices directly in the hazardous areas without the need to use expensive barriers or purges.
  • Provides bi-directional communication between the weighing terminal and the higher-level automation system, such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) or DCS (distributed control systems).
  • Can be connected using either a copper wire-carried current loop signal or a fiber optic connection.
  • Communicates with several devices using multiple protocols simultaneously: PLC, Ethernet TCP/IP and serial.
  • Is designed for the global market and is approved to local standards by FM (US and Canada), ATEX (EU) and NEPSI (China).

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